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John Lucking - Redbird

Happy fall time Been meaning to send this note. Last winter I made myself a Redbird. I usually paddle solo but it's such a nice boat. Before I got it in the water in May a young man was referred to me for a canoe for the Yukon 1000, a new race1,000 miles from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, down the Yukon River to Alaska's oil pipeline bridge on the Dalton Hwy. I agreed knowing I could make me another boat. I removed the varnish from the outside, added another layer of 6 oz cloth to below the waterline and the last mix below the waterline included graphite powder (something I hadn't used before). Then varnish. All this proved overkill along with good care by the paddlers. I do more damage on local lakes. The Yukon River is a deep and fast moving river untill one hits the Yukon Flats where it gets braided and windy. All of the paddler's efforts resulted in them finishing in 7 days, 18 minutes for a second place out of 8 tandem canoes. I think this gives good testimony to wood strip construction. A little varnish and this boat will be like new. I'll leave the race number on the boat for character. Leaves are raked so now on to making more of your canoes. John Lucking Eagle River, Alaska