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Introducing Dragonfly

Tandem Dragon Boat


Ideal for training, competition, or recreation, the Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat simulates the ergonomics of a full-size dragon boat at a manageable scale. Practice your form with a regular dragon boat paddle, even when a full team is unavailable. Or just get out on the water in a unique, fun, and stable new watercraft.



Bear Mountain Boats and Steve Killing Yacht Design have a long history of contributing to Canadian sprint racing.

Builders of C4 and C15 sprint canoes since 1979, Ted Moores and Joan Barrett of Bear Mountain have worked closely with Steve Killing to create fast, responsive racing canoes that are easy to control and maintain.

Designing the Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat has been an opportunity to contribute to the sport of dragon boating. The objective was to provide a small boat for two paddlers to train without assembling a full team. Paddling the Dragonfly is very similar to the full-size dragon boat experience, replicating the feel, stability and performance of paddling with an entire team as closely as possible. It has a concave bottom just like a full-size dragon boat, and a foot bar used by the stern paddler makes steering intuitive. In the stern position a coach can assess a paddler’s performance and technique.

The Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat allows two paddlers to keep in shape and work on their stroke while enjoying time on the water, and its stability and ease of steering make it well-suited to recreational paddling.

Read more about Bear Mountain Boats' contributions to the sport of sprint racing here.

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Extensive consultation and prototyping has resulted in a highly polished performance craft. We solicited input on design from elite coaches and industry leaders, including Jim Farintosh, and Bill Byrick. The boat received excellent reviews from competitive paddlers from the Ottawa Dragon Boat Club, Carleton Place Canoe Club, and Ottawa Dragon Masters.

Length: 16’ 9”

Beam: 38.5”

Center Depth: 15”

Hull Surface Area: 72 sq. ft.

Weight: 69 lbs  

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It felt very similar to a dragon boat when everyone’s working together.

Colin Black, Carleton Place Canoe Club coach

I think it could definitely be used in a club setting, especially in a time such as a pandemic where you can only have so many people around you at one time.

Melyssa Cardarelli, Ottawa Dragon Boat Club member

I physically feel like I have paddled a dragon boat today.

Catie Sahadath, Ottawa Dragon Boat Club member

Write us to request information on how to order a Dragonfly Tandem Dragon Boat for your club or for personal use.


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