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Can an inexperienced person build a canoe?

Absolutely! Be prepared to take your time and read our books completely before you start. You can buy the plans to shorten the process and give you confidence in the design. There is lots of tech support available either through the Bear Mountain builders forum and directory as well as from the companies selling the materials you will be using.

What is the average amount of time taken to build a canoe?

This varies depending on how many of the parts the builder makes and how many are purchased already machined. It also depends on the skill level of the builder. Ted suggests that it should take anywhere from 100 to 250 hours with 200 hours a good average.

How much is shipping?

For the kits, it can vary depending on location, weight and size. Once you've placed your order, we will contact you with a final quote. See our Shipping Page for details on costs.

Since many of the plans are shown in the table of offsets in Canoecraft and KayakCraft, what is the advantage of buying plans?

There are some builders who want to cut the wood on their own property, saw the log on their own mill and then draw their own plans. The point is, our method of small boat building allows you to get involved in the process where you choose. If you feel the need to loft your own boat, there are several good references that will teach the process. If the building process is of more interest to you than learning the craft of lofting, plans are probably a good place for you to begin your project.

Why do the plans show only one side of the hull?

The problem with full-size paper plans is that like wood, the paper is affected by humidity; a rise in humidity will cause the fibers to expand and the size of the paper will expand. We address this problem a number of ways.

Our plans are printed on high quality drafting paper with a high-rag content. The stability of this expensive paper is far superior to copy paper but there is still the possibility of some change. Working from plans that are on one sheet means that if there is a change in the size of the paper, the change happens to all the stations equally and they stay in proportion. Tracing one side of the mold and flopping it on the centerline ensures that the hull will always be symmetrical. We also seal the plans in a plastic tube immediately after printing so we can be sure they arrive at 100%. Storing the plans in the plastic sleeve when you are not working with them is recommended.

Why not print the complete mold station on separate pieces of paper?

If the paper does expand or shrink, the width of your boat will change twice the distance that it would have if it had been drawn on one side and the plan flopped on the centerline. The big consideration is who knows if all the sheets have changed at the same rate.

Why not print the plans of drafting Mylar?

Mylar is the most stable material for plans but most builders would find the added cost unreasonable. If our plans are stored carefully in the plastic sleeve, the added stability of the Mylar is redundant.

Who is Steve Killing?


In what way is Canadian Canoes associated with Bear Mountain Boats?

Ted and I have been working with Ron Frenette at Canadian Canoes for years. Ron Frenette started Canadian Canoes in the mid 1980's while working at a day job teaching Outdoor Education with the Toronto Board of Education. Some how in the evenings Ron and his wife Pat found the time to operate their company which focused on helping people to build their own canoes and kayaks - and to learn to paddle them. Now that he has retired from teaching Ron spends his time helping people build boats and supplying parts for Bear Mountain as well as taking some of us lucky folks on canoe trips each summer. We are fortunate to work with Ron and to have access to his vast experience building and using small boats. Ron’s proximity to the trucking companies in Toronto saves our customers in shipping costs since Peterborough is located 150 miles from Toronto.

In what way is Bear Mountain associated with Noah’s Marine?

Bear Mountain Boats is not associated   with Noah's Marine. 


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