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Steve Mervin - Bob's Special

Posted on October 01 2013

Hi Ted/Joan, This is the Bob's Special that I just completed after two summers of working on it in my spare time.  I used the sketches in the CanoeCraft book to make the station molds and think that it turned out beautifully for my first boat.  I was having trouble finding good cedar for it so I used douglas fir for the strips and saved a pile of money in doing so.  The remainder of the boat is maple and I think the two woods match nicely.  The choice of wood made for a heavier boat but I'm not planning to do any long portages with it over my head so I don't mind. It handles wonderfully and my wife and I have had it out every weekend since completing it.  Adding graphite to the bottom during construction was also a great tip and I'm glad that I decided to go ahead with it right away. Thank you for creating such a wonderful book in CanoeCraft.  If it weren't for my wife purchasing this book as a gift for me, I never would have attempted such a project. Steve


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