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Randy Pfeifer - Freedom 15

Posted on September 24 2013

Joan, Ted,
I was looking through your "Customer Built Boats" section of the website and noticed that the Freedom 15 is not represented.
I built the Freedom 15 a few years ago.  The design was quite easy to strip and very stable.   I have a soft spot in my heart for the old canoes with ribs and a particular deep respect for the builder Joe Seliga in Ely MN, who built over 600 cedar/canvas canoes in his lifetime.  I took the opportunity with this build to add ribs to it (even though it isn't required from a strength perspective).  I just love how it turned out.  Attached is a picture.  This canoe looks wonderful on the water.  With the extra weight of the ribs (~15 pounds), it's quite heavy (65 pounds) but I still love how it looks.  I have it hanging above my bed at my lake cabin.  I go to sleep each night gazing at it and wake up doing the same.
Thanks for your excellent support.  I've learned a great deal building 3 Bear Mountain Boats over the years.
Randy Pfeifer

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