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Doug Robertson - Rob Roy

The pictures following, show that finished Rob Roy, canoe. It is 11 1/2 feet and weighs 31 pounds. I removed the middle three forms (5, 6 & 7) and fashioned a new form to fit into station 6. By moving all the other forms in 1 step toward the center, the canoe ended up shorter. It is finished on the outside with 5 oz cloth and on the inside bottom only with 5oz cloth. The stem pieces, thwart, and splash rails are made from laminated oak. It carries 150 pounds with about 6" of freeboard. At 230 pounds it only has 4" of freeboard. My only concern is it is a very tippy boat, definitely not for beginners. On the good side, it can be easily paddled all day with a double ended paddle. It is a beautiful boat and I hope to build others. Thank you Doug Robertson