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Dawne Olson - Cottage Cruiser

Dear Friends at Bear Mountain Boat Shop, Last October (2009) I had the unexpected privelage of visiting the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario. I have long loved canoes and have paddled many places in the midwest US as well as in Quetico and Algonquin recently. When I stopped in Peterborough I saw a shop with wooden canoes being built. I never thought at that time about building one myself. Only that it would be so nice to own such a beautiful canoe. Before we left, I saw "CanoeCraft" in the gift shop and I bought it. Then the idea would not leave my mind that I had to try this!! With only a hammer and wire snips (neither of which I needed for this project) in my tool inventory.. and no wood working experience whatsoever, I was unsure what the result would be. I never imagined how rewarding or how beautiful the outcome would be! Thank you for making it possible for ANYONE (and I really believe that now) to build a gorgeous and incredibly wonderful performing craft! I could not be happier! Sincerely, Dawne Olson Vermillion, South Dakota USA