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Creative Collaboration: Andrew Szeto and Drew Mosley's Painted Canoe

Posted on June 22 2018

We've seen a lot of canoes, but never one quite like this. Andrew Szeto has been a friend of Bear Mountain for awhile now, ever since he came to pick up a canoe kit and put together a interview video from his time at the shop. He's since put the kit to good use, and we'd highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel for footage of the build as well as other woodworking projects. Andrew has done very creative work using recycled skateboards, but his latest collaboration may be the most original yet.

 Working with artist Drew Mosley, a veteran illustrator and mural painter, Andrew decided to take a risk with his freshly planked canoe. After painting on a solid colour background, he offered up the hull as a canvas for Drew's playful, haunting character design.

Rather than describe the process here, we'll let you hear it straight from the artists themselves: Andrew and Drew were recently featured on CBC's All in a Day. In an interview with host Alan Neal, the collaborators discuss what inspired them to try this artistic experiment, the challenges they faced in executing it, and what the finished product means to them.

We're officially fans of Andrew's work, so expect to hear more from him in the near future. In the meantime, check out the short video above showing the painting process, give the CBC interview a listen, and check out a few photos below.

Creative Collaboration: Andrew Szeto And Drew Mosleys Painted Canoe
Creative Collaboration: Andrew Szeto And Drew Mosleys Painted Canoe
Creative Collaboration: Andrew Szeto And Drew Mosleys Painted Canoe

Photos by Andrew Szeto. See more of Andrew's work at

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