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Small Boat Strips For Row Boats
Small Boat Strips For Row Boats
Small Boat Strips For Row Boats
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Small Boat Strips for Row Boats

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Western red cedar strips measuring 1/4" x 13/16". Please review the product details fully before ordering.

Wooden components for our kits are produced by our partners at Noah's Marine in Toronto. While we no longer run the machinery ourselves, we continue to supply kits for canoes, kayaks, and small boats. The partnership with Noah’s allows us to offer a wider variety of products to home builders.

Package contains 80 strips.

This product is shipped in a strong cardboard tube 18′ long x 8″ diameter. The contents are wrapped in plastic to protect against moisture. Weight is 65 lbs.

Options for receiving a kit: can be picked up in Toronto, Ontario. Easily transported on vehicle roof racks.

Customs and brokerage fees- always included in the shipping price.

Sample shipping cost (we always obtain a quote on each order and submit it to you for approval before shipping.)

US – $400 – $650.
Canada $350. – 500.

This item requires custom shipping due to length and will be charged separately​. We will provide a quote for your approval prior to shipping


In the past 45 years, we have shipped thousands of feet of premium custom-milled cedar strips to our customers all over the world. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep this standard up. We’ve known for years that some varieties of wood used in boat building, like western red cedar and eastern white cedar, were a limited resource. Shipping these woods from Canada around the world is becoming unsustainable due to both availability and shipping costs, and the impact on the environment can’t be ignored.

Considering that only part of the hull requires full-length strips, we are now including some shorter strips in the bundles we send. When you open your bundle of planking you will see that you have enough long strips to plank the length of your boat where full length is required. There will also be some bundles of shorter strips that can be used where full length is not required. This will require some planning on your part to create the colour pattern you desire.

There are few methods to join short planks:

1. A simple butt joint is all that is needed in most places where the plank does not have a twist to it. We recommend staggering the joints. Make the join between the station molds so you are not tempted to use too many staples, it also allows you to clamp on the inside and outside to get a good fit.  See page 124 of Canoecraft for more info.

2. Making a scarf joint is another possibility but it can be tricky to cut and line up. It is hard to cut an accurate scarf joint that you can put back together, and depending on the overlap the plank could be too thick or too thin. A diagonal scarf is worth considering because it is easier to cut and line up although will be more visible. See Kayakcraft page 49 for more.

We have always encouraged people to make their own planking using wood that is available locally even if it means cutting around knots in less than perfect wood and joining shorter planks. Joining strips is an effective and environmentally sound approach. 

Thanks for your understanding—although we cannot guarantee complete packages of full-length strips any longer, we’re certain that shorter strips can make equally beautiful canoes, kayaks, and small boats, and are good for the long-term viability of this craft.