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Freedom 15'3" or 16'2" Solo


A fine solo tripping canoe:

• Length 15'3" or 16'2"
• Maximum beam 30.0"
• Beam waterline 26.5"
• Beam gunnel 26.2"
• Bow height 17.5"
• Centre depth 12"
• Draft 3.0"
• Displacement 220 lbs.
• Wetted surface 22.0 sq.ft
• Weight toimmerse 106 lb/ in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.564
• Weight 45 to 50 lbs
• Stability factor 95
• Optimumcapacity
• 15'3" version 150-290 lbs
• 16'2" version 180-330 lbs

The Freedom Solo is the result of a unique project initiated in the spring of 2006. As an experiment, Steve decided to poll the opinions of paddlers and builders as he designed the boat. Predictably, opinions varied, but did so about a common theme. The boat, they felt should be short, light, medium tracking and therefore medium manoeuvrability, low freeboard, narrow, and offered in two lengths. The unique tumblehome chine was accepted (by most) as a good solution, attractive, and relatively easy to build. The result is a fine solo tripping canoe which will require at least intermediate paddling skills due to its lower-than-average stability.

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