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Epoxy Kit

Epoxy Kit

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The epoxy package we use includes premium quality West System® products because we know the system is reliable, as safe as possible and will do the best job in the shortest length of time. 

We strongly recommend using West System® epoxy - we know it is not the cheapest product we do know it out performs every other system on the market. At Bear Mountain we have used it for 35 years in a wide variety of applications. One reason why we recommend it is because the results are very predictable and for first time users this is a huge advantage. The Gougeon Brothers first developed the product for their own boat building projects in the early 1970's.  

Our West System Epoxy Package for a canoe, kayak or small boat is complete and includes: 

  • 2 gal. 105B epoxy with #207 special coating hardener for a clear finish
  • metering pumps
  • Microlite fairing compound 
  • Microfiber for glueing
  • Glue brushes
  • Squeegees

If you are building more than 2 canoes it makes sense to purchase the C Pack size. The shelf life on the epoxy is at least two years. Once you start using epoxy resin around your workshop we know you will find many other applications for it.   

Additional Comments from Ted:

The epoxy resin is what holds a strip-planked/epoxy hull together; it is the main component in the structure of the hull. The epoxy resin in a kit accounts for a significant portion of the total cost of the kit; including a cheap resin significantly reduces the cost of the kit but is that doing you a favor? While there are some places where you can compromise and reduce the cost of the building project, using less than the best epoxy resin is the last place you want to economize.

We have been using West System® epoxy for more than forty years and have complete faith in the quality and integrity of their products. They have consistently worked to make their epoxy system safer and easier to use and maintain. While there are many epoxy formulations, very few are engineered to be compatible with wood. We have tested several of the better epoxy resin systems but the West System® is still the only resin system we would recommend for safe, predictable results and being best suited to this type of construction.


Epoxy shipping regulations vary by country, and due to its dangerous goods classification as well as new fuel surcharges, ordering it will trigger additional shipping charges. Thank you for your understanding.

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