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Endeavour 17' Kayak Plan


A fast, comfortable, sleek, modern kayak:

• Length 17'
• Maximum beam 23.5"
• Beam waterline 22"
• Beam gunnel 23.5"
• Bow height 14"
• Centre depth 7.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 280 lbs.
• Wetted surface 21.8 sq. ft.
• Weight to immerse 97 lb/in.
• Prismatic coefficient 0.561
• Weight 45 to 50 lbs
• Cockpit opening 31" x 15.5"

The beauty of this kayak will hit you when you first set up the station molds. It is sleek, graceful and a dream to paddle. Perfect for day trips or week long excursions, you will find the boat tracks well, goes fast and behaves itself in waves. Mike O'Brien, senior editor of WoodenBoat Magazine had this to say: "the sharply raked stem and well shaped forward sections will provide increasing buoyancy as the Endeavour punches into large waves. The fine run, and nearly vertical sternpost, will help ensure positive control when we are running off in a big sea (one of the scariest elements of sea kayaking). In all, this hull has a friendly and competent look to it."

Is this the right boat for you?

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Photos courtesy of Al Bishop (1/2), Andrew Greenlaw (3), Andrew Kingston (4), Franklin Drake (5), John O'Connor (6)

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