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Brass Stem Bands for Kayaks (Pair)


KayakCraft does NOT call for brass stem bands.

We had a number of customers report that repeated beach or rocky shelf landings had worn through the epoxy and cloth just under the stems, leaving exposed wood to be repaired. We made a number of kayaks with the leading edge of the bow and stern stems flattened to 3/8", then installed the brass strip - problem solved.

BRASS STEM BANDS 48" x 3/8" wide - partially shaped and drilled (pair) half oval shape. The builder cuts to the final length of the kayak being constructed.

The stem bands are fastened with 3/4" # 4 brass screws  [not supplied] (flat or oval head) dipped in clear silicone sealer.

The stem band, made of malleable brass, can take many years of abrasion.

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