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Fibreglass Cloth - 60" Wide x 6 oz. (rolled and boxed)


We understand the importance of supplying you with cloth that is free of wrinkles and carefully packaged.

Applying the glass and epoxy is one of the steps that can get out of control easily and put all your careful woodworking at risk. This is why we are so careful in supplying you with cloth that is carefully rolled and wrapped. Ted invented and built this clever rolling machine especially for this purpose. 

6 oz x 60 inch rolled carefully, wrapped and boxed for protection.

Cut to the length you need for your project.

This cloth has been treated for epoxy compatibility.

Picture Descriptions
1) Rolling the cloth a new hull
2) 'Glassing' two strip canoes
3) Ted's clever rolling machine
4) Rolling the cloth
5) 17' Endeavour with cloth rolled out
6) Kayak hull mostly covered with epoxy
7) Squeegee process to even out the epoxy
8) Row boat with 1 coat of epoxy on 10 ounce cloth

Additional comments from Ted:

It is important to use a cloth that is compatible with the epoxy resin. To facilitate the glass fibers bonding to the resin, a finish or interface is applied to the fibers. There are a number of finishes available for specific resin systems. The finish on cloth designed for polyester resin must be dissolved by the styrene in the resin. Epoxy, being 100% solids has no solvent to dissolve the finish thus this cloth would be unsuitable for our use. This is the most common cloth available and the cheapest but the results for our purpose are questionable. When the glass fibers are not bonded to the resin, the peel strength is compromised and a less than clear finish is quite possible.

Packaging and shipping is also important. The cloth should be carefully rolled to avoid wrinkles. Hard creases in the cloth will not want to lie down and become a problem to deal with.



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