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Dieks Theron - African Canoe

Ted & Joan You know the story about how we had to adapt the glassing technique for African conditions when temperature soared by 20 C overnight and humidity dropped from 80% to 0 %, while outside was glassed and inside lost moisture rapidly and my canoe looked like a peapod! We corrected it by putting in lots of water. (In subsequent boats we sanded the outside, put in two temporary thwarts, sanded inside and glassed both outside and inside in one very long day). You also know the story about how I was attacked by a hippo on my first 300km trip on the Zambesi and how the incredible strength of the Seligna/Fibreglass combination hull probably saved my life as me, my boat and 200lb freight was lifted a meter out of the water. The only damage two broken strips and my ego! ( My right foot was literally inside the hippo's mouth, but protected by the hull). I now live in Zambia, one of Africa's most beautiful countries full of rivers, lakes, crocodiles, hippo's and tigerfish and still use my canoe which has two slightly lighter wood patches, but as beautiful as ever!! If you happen to visit Central Africa, get in touch! Happy building and Canoeing Dieks Theron