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Tony Morris - Bob's Special

Ted, You probably don't remember me, I was in your last Sept. class, Tony Morris. I purchased the plans and materials for the Bob Special. After nearly a year, (working after work and weekends, completely without help), I finially finished and it actually floats!! I wanted to take the time to thank you for the instructions in your class and book, without them, I'm not so certain it would of turned out as well as it did. The experience taught me a lot about woodworking and techniques I find myself using in other projects I worked on. More important, it taught patiences and a huge appreciation for the art of boat making. I just wanted to take time and Thank you both for the enjoyment and experience of making. The picture attached is actually the second time out, I entered into a canoe race down the Little Sioux River. There were 20 canoe's entered.....we came in 2nd place....we had 1st in the bag, but slacked off during the middle of the 4.5 mile course...thinking we had it in the bag...lost by 35 sec. (time race). We did hit a big rock on the rapids...probably a little patching will need to be done. But as I told my partner, I didn't build the canoe to look at....built it to use. Anyway, Thanks again....and I hope all is well with you all. Tony Morris Cherokee, Ia.