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Woodstrips Around the World: Bear Mountain South Korea

Posted on August 10 2017

Woodstrips Around The World: Bear Mountain South Korea


Every once in awhile, we get an email update from our friend Moksoon Jang. Moksoon is a South Korean builder who visited our shop several years ago, and he has been busy furthering his craft ever since. He's donated a Rob Roy to the Korean Scout Association, built large twelve-passenger canoes, and taught paddling and building as an instructor himself. His skill and passion are so obvious that we were flattered when he asked to use the name Bear Mountain South Korea on his work.

His latest update contained several photos of an exhibit he's arranged in Lotte department store, Guri, South Korea. As ever, we love hearing how widely canoe building knowledge is shared, and this looks like quite a well-presented display. Thanks to Moksoon for sharing, and if you happen to be passing through Guri this month, maybe swing by and give us your impressions...

Woodstrips Around The World: Bear Mountain South Korea
Woodstrips Around The World: Bear Mountain South Korea
Woodstrips Around The World: Bear Mountain South Korea

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