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40 Years of Boat Building: an Interview by Andrew Szeto

Posted on December 19 2017

When Andrew Szeto called to schedule a canoe kit pick up, he asked if he could bring his camera along. We knew he was a talented photographer, woodworker, and a multimedia officer for the Coast Guard, so of course we said yes. Even so, we didn't expect him to turn in such a beautifully produced, thoughtful video on short notice. In this six-minute mini-doc, Joan and Andrew cover some of the ups and downs of the canoe-building trade and what it takes to be a dedicated craftsperson.

We're looking forward to seeing how Andrew's canoe build turns out (last we heard he had completed the strongback), but he also does some unique work with recycled skateboards. To see more of his output, check out his Instagram and YouTube profiles, or visit his brand page at We'll update this story when his canoe is finished - maybe we'll see recycled skateboard canoe decks, or some other creative flourish?

40 Years Of Boat Building: An Interview By Andrew Szeto

Andrew picks up his canoe kit during a visit to Westport.

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