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Carrying Yoke


These carrying yokes are a must if your canoeing involves any portaging. They are our own custom design (well travelled over the years!) and  deeply dished so the weight of the canoe rides along the SHOULDER then down the hips through to the ground, as opposed to a thwart where the weight rests on the upper part of your spine.

Available in either Ontario white ash (2.5 lbs) or black cherry (2 lbs) they are unfinished as individual paddlers have varying neck/shoulder shapes and most people do a bit of "adjusting" to the curve and the shoulder pockets for a better fit before varnishing.

The yokes must be located at the balance point of your canoe (which is NOT at the centre) for best results. The yokes are secured to the inner gunwale with 4 brass carriage bolts.

Our yokes and thwarts have the same end profile so are interchangeable items.

If you are making a long canoe (16'+) consider adding  one of the narrow thwarts placed 5" (approx) behind the bow seat. See image # 6 in the Gallery.

Picture Description
1) Carrying yokes for portaging a canoe
2) Top and bottom view
3) Balanced, installed yoke
4) On the portage
5) Cherry yoke at balancing point
6) Finished yoke with canoe
7) 17' Nomad with narrow thwart aft of bow seat

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