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All 2019 Canoe Building Classes with Ted Moores are sold out.

2019 Session Dates: May 5 - 11, June 30-July 6, September 1-7, and September 22-28


Build Your Own Scale Model Canoe with Brent Kirkham is now booking for 2019: click here for details.

Hands on Experience

Learn strip-plank/epoxy construction while building an elegant, enduring canoe with Ted Moores. Ted is an innovative boat builder, author, teacher and small craft historian. His books, CanoeCraft and KayakCraft, have led thousands of builders through the process of building their own craft and are considered definitive resources on canoe and kayak construction.

The building method Ted began developing in 1972 is approachable, deceptively simple as well as strong and beautiful. Most first-time builders will find that they are familiar with many of the tools and techniques used in the class. Ted will show you how to put simple steps together in the most effective order and combine them with good materials to create a craft that everyone will be proud of.

Students will work in small teams building one or two boats during this intensive seven-day course. By week's end, the boats will be up to the final sanding and varnishing stage, ready for the details that will personalize them for their new owners. The canoes and kayaks constructed during a course are raffled on the last day to interested builders for the cost of the materials.

While there will be lots to keep the crew busy reaching the daily objective, the pace will allow everybody time to confidently develop new skills and enjoy the comfortable satisfaction of doing good work. Ted will set attainable, yet high standards of craftsmanship that will have you feeling tired but satisfied at the end of each day.

Workshops are kept small to allow for individual attention to specific needs. During the week we will look at sharpening and maintaining hand tools, steam bending, laminating and a variety of basic woodworking/boatbuilding tricks and techniques that will be valuable in many different applications. 

Video overview

Canoe Building Workshop

Students will build the Freedom 17 or the Ranger 15. These boats do many things well and will appeal to traditional paddlers as well as those interested in leading edge canoe design.

Our Crew

Ted Moores and our instructors are veterans of many building classes. We give students lots of space to learn on their own but we are always there to identify problems and find an appropriate solution. One highlight of the week for both students and instructors is lunch. Joan Barrett is a big reason why students consistently say that the class has been far more than they expected.

Who Can Attend?

Small craft building is a rewarding experience for people of all ages and abilities. Pride and patience are much more important than skill and previous experience. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn. Over the past 25 years of presenting workshops, we have worked with students from ages 13+, in combinations of family (child/parent/grandparent) and friends. If you would like a customized course for your group give us a call - we are quite flexible and can consider special requests from schools, clubs, etc.

Accommodations and Activities

We are happy to offer suggestions for local accommodation and activities. There are many options that may be tailored to your particular taste and budget. A variety of accommodations are available from simple to elegant bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, cottages and motels. The small village of Westport is situated on the historic Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario. There is lots to do including paddling, hiking and visiting local artisans and galleries.  

Student Testimonials

"Ted conveys the joy of his work along with detailed technical information. The level of instruction was flexible according to the task at hand and the abilities of those attempting the task ...this worked out very well."

"Ted is enjoyable, knowledgeable, experienced, personable and fun to spend a week with. A definite master at his craft."

"Ted has put a dream for me back within my reach. He cut through all the mystery and has given me the theory and hands on knowledge to build a boat of my own. Brilliant course!"

"Ted is as near perfect as an instructor can be. Patient. High Standards. Clear and concise. Student centred. He took each persons individual skills and needs into his approach."


Tuition for the seven-day workshop at Bear Mountain Boat Shop is $1250. Please call for information or click here to download a registration form

For further information, please email or telephone:

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